WiFi Networks

Make sure your WiFi is giving you the best wireless service.

Wi-Fi network setup as low as $95

Includes:┬áSite survey with device placement recommendations, unboxing and installation, configuration of device and connecting to ISP source signal. Setting up Wi-Fi network including SSID naming, password setup, and connecting client devices such as computers, Smart TV’s, printers, tablets, etc. Basic operating instructions if needed. Neatly dressing wires if needed.

Does Not Include: Any cables such as ethernet, coaxial, telephony, fiber optic, or power cables (needed cables come with device). Fastening hardware, screws brackets, etc. Wire concealment or materials. Additional outlet installation, existing outlet extension. In-wall wire concealment.

Making Appointment: Installation appointment are made using a step by step Q&A Appointment creation tool to help determine your exact needs. Click the blue button below to begin making your installation appointment.


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