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Video Doorbell Installation $95

Includes: Site survey, unboxing device and install, app or software installation and setup, account and or location setup, connecting device to wi-fi and cloud account if applicable, basic operating instructions.

Does Not Include: the video doorbell device, mounting hardware or accessories, chime/transformer repairs, power adapter if needed, power kit for chime, wire concealment.

Making Appointment: Video Doorbell Installation appointments can be made right here by clicking the blue button below. You will be asked a few questions to determine your exact needs. Click the blue button below now to get started.

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Google/Nest Video Doorbell (Battery)

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Video Doorbells

ANSWER: The answer to that question will mostly be a matter of opinion. Certainly, if you can afford the cost, and want the peace of mind that having extra eyes brings, then it’s worth it. In some ways, it can be like having multiple devices in one package. And if you do a lot of shopping online, it can be an extra layer of security for those precious packages on your front doorstep. Something to keep in mind when shopping for a video doorbell — free isn’t always free. A customer who doesn’t want an agreement may choose to buy a device at a big box store, or online. However, you may discover after the fact that there is a separate charge for the bells and whistles you were hoping for, like push notifications, motion detection, and the ability to share and save videos. So, buyer beware. Feel free to contact us with questions that you may have about purchasing a video doorbell device by Clicking here.

ANSWER: No, whereas it certainly helps to have an existing working doorbell system in place, we work with a wide range of Smart Video Doorbell products and our technicians are usually able to overcome any obstacles to completing a successful installation. Installation Guy has been installing video doorbells for as long as they have been making them. Click Here to make an appointment to have your Video Doorbell installed.

ANSWER: No, you don’t. However, because video doorbells transfer video files (which is one of the largest file types), you will need suitable internet speeds. Tech specifications for many of the Video Doorbells suggest that 3 to 5 Mbps (Megabits Per Seconds) are the minimum requirements for these devices to work. However, our collective experience here at Installation Guy reveals that good video doorbell operations with minimal latency will require internet speeds of at least 50 Mbps. This is easily achieved with basic internet speeds packages from common providers like Xfinity, Charter & AT&T Broadband. You can use speed test Apps such as to check your internet speed and to ensure that you have enough bandwidth to install a video doorbell. If your internet speed is currently not at least 50 Mbps, our technician will review your internet situation and make any recommendations needed. Click Here to make an appointment to have your Video Doorbell installed.

ANSWER: Of course, the question of price will vary greatly with different marketplace factors. We found that the price for a decent video doorbell device seems to range from around $60 to $200. Granted that’s a pretty wide price range. But understand that the video doorbell market is being inundated with new arrivals into the space and with plenty of different models to fit varying user tastes. 

ANSWER: Whether it’s spotting an Uber driver or a lurker in your yard, it’s important to be able to see what’s happening outside your front door — day or night. Plus, some video doorbell cameras have infrared vision, so you never sacrifice video quality and detail when the sun goes down.

ANSWER: Getting an alert every time a car drives past your house is not ideal. Plus, when every little thing sets off your doorbell, it can drain your battery life faster if you don’t have a hard-wired model. The best solution for this is a video doorbell with smart alerts, and video analytics. While many doorbells use motion detection (triggered by every car that drives by) smart video doorbells use adjustable ground zones for rapid people detection, ignoring vehicles and animals. In other words, you can choose to only receive an alert when a real person steps into your ground zone. So, for most models the alert sensitivity is very much adjustable and in many instances can be turned off altogether putting the power of control right in the palm of your hands.

ANSWER: If you shop online — which many of us do these days — you’ll want a camera to provide a top-to-bottom view of your porch. This provides not only a full person view of your visitor, but also lets you see any packages at your front door. Look for a field of view (FOV) that is 150° vertical and 115° horizontal.

ANSWER: Yes! While video doorbells have an undeniable security benefit, you will find that they bring a whole lot more to the table than that. The big word here, in addition to safety, is convenience and Peace of Mind. When integrated with a smart home security systems such as Ring Home Security, video doorbells work with not only your alarm system, but also your connected smart exterior lights.

ANSWER: A high definition camera which shows clear, crisp images day or night is the goal. Look for a Full HD camera with at least 1440 X 1920 video resolution. High dynamic range and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity (both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks), is also important for better stability, better range, and better performance.

ANSWER: Yes, many do! The benefit of mobile control for your video doorbell can’t be overstated. An app gives you easy access to your front door, whether you’re at home, at work, or on vacation in Europe. You can answer your door right from your internet connected smartphone, view live footage from the app, or even speak directly to visitors. However, the mobile app for a few of the video doorbells is only part of a larger eco-system of smart products such as Ring, Google Nest, Simplisafe, etc. So the question that you’ll want to consider with your video doorbell purchase or entry into the smart market is which one of these eco-systems should I start to make an alliance with. You can’t expect the competing device makers to make it easy for you.

ANSWER: There are many video doorbell options available for consumers today including — Ring Video Doorbell, Eufy Security Video Doorbell, RemoBell Video Doorbell, Arlo Video Doorbell, Guardian Protection Video Doorbell Pro and others. Many believe the best video doorbell is one that is reliable in extreme weather conditions, has a full view of vision, offers a touchless ring option, and is integrated with a full suite of professional security monitoring. To each his own. We here at Installation Guy highly favor the Ring Video Doorbell and it’s entire eco system of smart security products, as well as the Google Nest line of security products.

ANSWER: No security device can guarantee 100% protection — any claims otherwise are misleading. Research indicates that a video doorbell camera can help make your home safer and deter burglars. When paired with a professionally monitored security system, homes become even safer and smarter. Also when video doorbells have features such as “Ring Neighbor” that host a community bulletin board allowing neighbors near you to post ongoing suspicious activity can help to maintain vigilance in your community. Some video doorbell makers have also sought to partner with local police departments in combating neighborhood crime.

ANSWER: It’s simple, before your Installation Guy technician arrives, you’ll need to pre-install any management software needed for the video doorbell (such as the Ring App or Google Nest Hello App), on your smartphone and set up an account location if applicable. If you’re unable, don’t worry, the technician can get you through that. When your installation technician arrives, simply have the doorbell available, and the technician will review your internet bandwidth situation, and install the doorbell along with any power kits needed for the door chime. Your smartphone will be needed momentarily to connect the video doorbell to any software used to manage it. This is all completed in about 20 to 30 minutes. Click Here to make your appointment to have your Video Doorbell device installed.

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