Smart Thermostats

Controllling your environment has never been so easy

Smart Thermostat Installation $95

Benefits of Upgrading to a Smart Thermostat

Convenience: Controlling your thermostat remotely from a cell phone is a great convenience keeping you in control of your home’s temperature no matter where you are in the world.

Energy Savings: Saving money on energy should appeal to anyone, but it’s one of the biggest reasons people upgrade to smart thermostats.

Automation: Say goodbye to accidentally forgetting to set your thermostat. Some smart thermostats can sense when you’re gone and will automatically adjust the temperature in your home for energy-savings. 


Feature Product

The Google Nest Thermostat

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Thermostat

ANSWER: A smart thermostat can pay for itself in as little as one heating and cooling season, depending on your climate and energy usage habits. Most smart thermostat manufacturers claim that you’ll recoup the cost in about 2 years.

ANSWER: We at Installation Guy think the Google Nest smart Wi-Fi thermostat is #1 because of its user friendly interface design, for compatibility with a huge range of HVAC systems (including those without a C-wire). Other Smart Thermostat competitors such as the Ecobee Family of Smart Thermostat devices are definitely worth mentioning.

ANSWER: There are many smart thermostats priced at or around $100, and we think the cheapest two are the Lux Geo and the Emerson Sensi, although a little shopping around can yield great results. The Lux Geo is one of the best budget-friendly smart thermostat. It shares many features with more expensive Wi-Fi enabled thermostats, including geofencing and sophisticated scheduling. It can also be run without a C-wire (use 2 AA Lithium batteries instead). The Emerson Sensi is also fantastic and it can be found for just over $100 at many retailers. It has many of the same features as more expensive thermostats, including a full-featured app and integration with Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa.

ANSWER: Installing a smart thermostat is not very complicated, however it can and does sometimes go wrong. If you already have the wires you need, installing a smart thermostat should be a simple DIY project. If you don’t have enough wires, or your system is only heating, you may need to add more wires or an adapter. If you choose to hire a professional, we at Installation Guy have been installaing Smart Thermostats since they’ve been making them, and we are a Nest Pro Installer ᵀᴹ. Click Here to begin your Smart Thermostat Installation

ANSWER: The common wire (or “C-wire”) is dedicated to supplying 24V of constant power to your thermostat. Many Wi-Fi and Smart Thermostats require more power than the conventional more simple thermostats, therefore, most Wi-Fi and Smart Thermostats require a C-wire. These modern thermostats, in some cases, are able to charge their built-in battery using your system’s heating and cooling wires, but in a small number of situations you may actually need a C-wire installed for consistent power to your thermostat. Installation Guy can usually remedy the C-wire problem using one of several methods that we can deployClick Here to begin your Smart Thermostat Installation

ANSWER: The standard color for a C-wire is usually blue or black. But since that cannot be guaranteed, and the wiring color is not the primary concern, a site analysis is usually needed to ensure the correct wiring. Installation Guy can review your thermostat wiring configuration and ensure your installation is done correctly.

ANSWER: The Emerson Sensi smart thermostat does not require a C-wire, as long as your HVAC setup is both heating and cooling. The ecobee3 Wi-Fi smart thermostat comes with a Power Extender Kit that makes up for a missing C-wire. You can also add a Venstar Add-a-Wire adapter to make up for a missing C-wire for any thermostat of your choice.

ANSWER: On an installation appointment, your Installation Guy technician, will usually be able to address most contingences that arise, even missing C-wire issues and we will explain all that you need to know to have any issues resolved. If you choose to go the DIY approach, note that all of the major smart thermostat manufacturers provide some wiring assistance either through their website or a hotline, or both. YouTube is also an excellent resource for wiring guides and demos. If you choose to use a professional installer, you can Click Here to begin your Smart Thermostat Installation

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