Smart Door Locks

Add a Smart Door Lock to your Smart home line up

Smart Door Locks/Keyless Access from $95

Includes: Site survey to determine there are needs beyond basic requirements, unboxing device and install, app or software installation and setup, account and or location setup, connecting device to wi-fi and cloud account if applicable, basic operating instructions.

Does Not Include: The Smart Door Lock device, Modifications to the door or door frame for installation. Mounting or installation hardware or accessories.  Power kits, batteries or adapters needed for powering the device.

Making Appointment: Smart Door Locks Installation appointments can be made right here by clicking the blue button below. You will be asked a few questions to determine your exact needs. Click the blue button below now to get started.

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Feature Product

Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock Keyless Entry Electronic Keypad

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Door Locks

ANSWER: Awesome choice. The first thing you’ll want to do is select a Smart Door lock device and purchase it. If you feel you need help through that process, feel free to reach out to our office at the contact info below or Click Here. Next you can setup an appointment with one of our technicians by Clicking Here, and we will handle the rest.

ANSWER: There are several benefits that you’ll immediately enjoy. Keyless entry, means no more worrying about yourself or anyone else needing physical keys to get in. Most smart door lock units provide the ability to create multiple access codes that you can assign to different users. Remote unlock means that you have the ability to unlock your door from anywhere that you have internet access with your smartphone. Also logging event history allows you to know the exact times and dates that access events occur. Feel free to contact us with questions that you may have about purchasing a smart door lock device or having one installed by Clicking here.

ANSWER: If you don’t already have an existing door lock in place, it means that the openings needed to complete the install of the smart lock will need to be drilled into your door. Though this is not common, it will mean added cost and that information can be provided by the technician. Click Here to make an appointment to have your Smart Door Lock installed.

ANSWER: No, you don’t. However, if wireless internet is needed, we have found that wireless speeds of at least 50 to 60 Mbps are acceptable. But, of course more is always better.

ANSWER: Of course, the question of price will vary greatly with different marketplace factors. . 

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